A new formed sales and marketing agency created by Andreas Grassl. Satisfying customer and the consumer with brands sustainably positioned in the market.

Growing network of international customers, excellent business connections and a proven track record of highly successful business developments.

Andreas Grassl

Food & Beverage Lover

Founder F&B Solutions

F&B Solutions was born through my big passion for premium beverages and excellent food. A passion that is reflected in the portfolio of carefully selected beers, ciders, spirits, sparkling wines and soft drinks.

I am more than happy to be able now to share this passion with my partners and their customers around the world.

Born through passion for great Food & Beverages


Services we offer are based on a vast experience of three decades in the business.

We focus on delivering adequate solutions for drink manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers around the world.

Tailored to the your products category, your brand, product and sales channels as well as the specific country you want to be present in.


Name & Nature

A pure clean gin by Name and Naure

A pure Irish distillate crafted with traditional ingredients

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Pure Irish vodka

A tip of cap to our Irish heritage by naming our small batch pure Irish vodka.

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Hard Kombucha fermented and dry hopped

Hard Kombucha fermented and dry hopped, aged in Irish whiskey casks, with hoppy citrus notes

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Irish Rover

Delicate blend of grain and malt Irish whiskey

Irish Rover is a delicate blend of grain and malt Irish whiskey, hand crafted in the south west of Ireland.

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Galtee Mountain Boy

True Irish whiskey

Presented in a traditional clay bottle that's rooted in Irish history, Galtee Mountain Boy Irish whiskey recalls an iconic tale featured in a song of the same name.

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Scotland’s favourite pint

Tennent’s is more than just a great lager – it’s a national institution.

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Brasserie Licorne

La brasserie Licorne

In keeping with the Licorne tradition, let yourself be tempted by the mysterious bouquet of Licorne Black.

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An authentic German beer

The award-winning team from Germany. Karlsbräu beer is brewed with a unique water, filtered by the layers of sand stones in the region.

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The flavour’s all in the X

WE ARE MIXERY - The flavour’s all in the X – and you will love it

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A premium selection as distinct as you customers

It’s 1935 and, thanks to William Magner, Ireland’s greatest cider has just been born

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Chaplin & Cork’s

Simple passion, to make a cider to surpass all others

Our master cider makers, Bob Chaplin and Bob Cork had a simple passion, to make a cider to surpass all others.

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Tequila Huizache

100% Agave

With 140 years of experience, Tequila Huizache was created as the ultimate expression of Mexican quality...

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Cocktail Plant

It’s not a drink. It’s a plesaure

Enjoy our amazingly fruity and delightfully tasty premixed cocktails.

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Bubbling and tingling, delightully fun

Josef Oppmann acquired the art of making sparkling wine in the cellars of Champagne.

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Afri Cola

Popculture Coke

Africola is the iconic German soft drink known for its beautiful distinctive glass bottle...

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Bluna Lemonade

More colourful, crankier and crazier

There is an Orange lemonade which always has been a little bit more different than others.

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Teinacher Genuss-Limonaden

Honest and pure treat

Refreshingly naturally and as delightfully tasty as a hand-crafted lemonade.

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Teinacher Water

Natural and harmonic

Teinacher Classic is the natural Mineral water with a high CO2 content.

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The finest a fruit can become

A Niehoff´s Vaihinger is the finest a fruit can become once it´s grown up!

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